Covid-19 Response from the Reunion Committee

Good morning Class of 95′. I hope that this message finds you safe and healthy with your families in this unprecedented time. As the original date of our 25th reunion comes closer the committee has begun looking at alternative dates to host. We hope that we will be able to find a date in the fall that will work for everyone. We know that some of you have already bought tickets and ordered T-shirts for the June date. We politely ask that you allow us to hold those funds to use for the future chosen date. We have already used the majority of those sales to secure the venue and some other misc. needs for the reunion. We do also understand that for some of you this money may be more vital than ever. Please reach out to me directly @ if you feel that the return of this money is important to your well being. Please know that we are committed to still hosting the reunion as soon as we are able to find a date that will be safe for everyone to attend!

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